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Kamikaze Barrier - Air Riryoku - SD32 2 Normal, set of 9 Tera
Kamikaze Barrier - Air Riryoku - SD32 2 Normal, set of 9 Tera

Kamikaze Barrier - Air Riryoku - SD32 2 Normal, set of 9 Tera

Kamikaze Barrier - Air Riryoku - SD32 2 Normal, set of 9 Tera
Kamikaze Barrier - Air Riryoku - SD32 2 Normal, set of 9 Tera
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Words used in the "XX" set
3, 9

(Example) 1
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Normal 3-card set Tera

(Example) 2
Witch of the Black Forest Early Normal 3-card set Terra

(Example) 3
Upstart Goblin 2nd period ver. normal 9 cards set Terra

(Example 4
Normal 3-card set Tera
Normal 9-card set Tera
Rare 3-card set Tera
Rare 9-card set Tera

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「Kamikaze Barrier - Air Riryoku - SD32 2 Normal, set of 9 Tera」 is an item listed by TERA☆WORLD※プロフ確認. Its series is Yu-Gi-Oh and the condition is Used. It will be shipped from Japan in 1〜2 Days days after purchase.