SERENA OLIPA, PSA10 for winners and losers!

SERENA OLIPA, PSA10 for winners and losers!
SERENA OLIPA, PSA10 for winners and losers!
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9,499,948 JPY
Serena Mo Oripa!
The winner is Serena SR (081/068) [PSA10].
The card that does not win is also a PSA10 winning card.

We have just created an original pack of Serena SR [PSA10] cards. As a minimum guarantee, even the outlier is guaranteed to be PSA10! We want to make this Oripa a fun experience for our buyers, so there are 5 slots to choose from: "BraixenCHR slot", "SylveonVMAX slot", "SylveonV slot", "Eevee slot①", and "Eevee slot②". Please check the images. The outlier slots are also shown here.

We also have other cards for sale, so please take a look! Our motto is "Cheaper than the market price! I'm selling with the motto of "Cheaper than the market price"! Please follow us if you like.

One unit is 10000 yen.
SylveonV frame
Eevee Frame 1
Eevee Frame 2
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Followers: 100 yen discount

This is the product detail page. The item is already on display, so please purchase from there! If you are a follower, please send us your tidings in the comment section and we will apply the follower discount.

Winner: Serena SR [PSA10].
Missing slot: Card with PSA10

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This is an original pack. There are winners and losers. Please refrain from evaluating the contents of the product at the time of receipt evaluation.

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This item contains keywords such as "Oripa" and "Lucky Bag" in name or description and the content is subject to randomness and uncertainty. Please look carefully at the product description and the seller's rating on the listing and purchase at your own risk.

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「SERENA OLIPA, PSA10 for winners and losers!」 is an item listed by hit's shop. Its series is Pokemon Card and the condition is New. It will be shipped from Japan in 1〜2 Days days after purchase.