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[EX+](Etching FOIL)(0001)Lotus Petal/Lotus Pe...
[EX+](Etching FOIL)(0001)Lotus Petal/Lotus Pe...
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[EX+](Etching FOIL)(0001)Lotus Petal/Lotus Pe...

[EX+](Etching FOIL)(0001)Lotus Petal/Lotus Pe...
[EX+](Etching FOIL)(0001)Lotus Petal/Lotus Pe...
[EX+](Etching FOIL)(0001)Lotus Petal/Lotus Pe...
[EX+](Etching FOIL)(0001)Lotus Petal/Lotus Pe...
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[EX+](Etching FOIL)(0001)Lotus Petal/Lotus Petal [English] [PRM

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Near Mint (NM)
Most of the cards are in this condition right after the pack is opened. They are beautiful.

Near Mint Minus (NM-)
Cards that are in inferior condition to near mint, but not so bad as to be ranked one rank below it. Minor scratches, scuffs, etc. (including initial specifications) are present.
We treat it as a beautiful item, but it has slight scratches.

Excellent Plus (EX+)
A condition in which the card has minor scratches, scuffs, or light smudges on the edges or surfaces.
A significant amount of the total number of cards on the used market are considered to be in EX+ condition.
The majority are considered to be in Stand-less condition.
If you are not serious about the condition of your cards, we recommend this as it is cheaper than NM to NM-.

Excellent (EX)
The card has scratches, scuffs, dullness, or small dents on the edges, surface, etc. The card is not in tattered condition.
Not necessarily in tattered condition, but most people would consider it as a card with scratches.

Plaid (PLD)
Scratches, scuffs, befouls, dents, and some folds.
Not recommended for collectors.

Heavy Plaid (HPLD)
The card has scratches all over, some major scratches, scuffs, folds, dents, etc. The card is in a colored sleeve.
They are fine for use in games in colored sleeves, but are not recommended for collectors. Not recommended for collectors.

Very large scratches, scuffs, befouls, folds, dents, tears, peeling, water damage, etc.
Not recommended for collectors.

In addition to the above condition description, this supplement may be added.
Plus (+): Better than the condition described above, but not enough to reach the higher rank.
Minus (-): Inferior condition, but not high enough to be placed one rank below the condition.

The item has marks where a pen or other tool has been used to correct the damage.

The card has a signature.

A card with a stamp.

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「[EX+](Etching FOIL)(0001)Lotus Petal/Lotus Pe...」 is an item listed by カードラッシュ magi店. Its series is MTG and the condition is Used. It will be shipped from Japan in 1〜2 Days days after purchase.