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JolteonEX [-] {032/171}

JolteonEX [-] {032/171}
JolteonEX [-] {032/171}
JolteonEX [-] {032/171}
JolteonEX [-] {032/171}
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JolteonEX [-] {032/171}

*For cards with 1edition versions, only those with (1ED) in the product name are sold in the relevant version in our store.

Please note that cards without the 1edition version are either not 1edition cards or cards that cannot be selected.
(Please understand that even if the product image is of a 1ED card, if the product name does not indicate 1ED, the card will be sold in this version.)

) We do not respond to inquiries about the condition of individual cards with images of each card.
Also, please understand that it is not possible to select a specific card for items that are available in multiple stocks.

We do not offer any price reductions from the listed price for items currently on display.

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Please note that even if you purchase multiple items, they will be shipped separately.

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Condition of the products we sell
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If there is no particular description, it will be [NM] to [EX+] ([Condition A]).

Near Mint (NM) [Condition S] - [Condition A
State in which there are minute scratches, scuffs, etc. (including initial specifications).
We treat it as a beautiful item, but it has slight scratches.

Excellent Plus (EX+) [Condition A
A condition in which there are small scratches, scuffs, or light smudges on the edges or surfaces of the card.
Of the total number of cards on the used market, a significant amount are considered to be in EX+ condition.
The majority are considered to be in Stand-less condition.
If you are not a serious person about the condition of your cards, I would recommend this as it is cheaper than NM.

Excellent (EX) [Condition B].
The card has scratches, scuffs, dullness, small dents, etc. on the edges and surface.
Not necessarily tattered, but most people would consider it a scratched card.

Plaid (PLD) [Condition C
Scratches, scuffs, befouls, dents, and some folds.
No problem for use in games, but not recommended for those purchasing for their collection.

Heavy Plaid (HPLD) [Condition C].
Scratches to the entire card, some major scratches, scuffs, folds, dents, etc.
They are fine for use in games in colored sleeves, though. Not recommended for those purchasing for collection.

POOR [Condition D].
Very large scratches, scuffs, befouls, folds, dents, tears, peeling, water damage, etc.
Not recommended for collectors.

Supplement to the condition description
In addition to the above condition descriptions, this supplement may be added.
Plus (+): Better than the condition described above, but not enough to reach the higher rank.
Minus (-): Inferior to the condition described above, but not enough to be placed one rank below it.

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「JolteonEX [-] {032/171}」 is an item listed by カードラッシュ magi店. Its series is Pokemon Card and the condition is Used. It will be shipped from Japan in 1〜2 Days days after purchase.