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Arabian Nights [Unopened] EN [ARN].

Arabian Nights [Unopened] EN [ARN].
Arabian Nights [Unopened] EN [ARN].
Arabian Nights [Unopened] EN [ARN].
Arabian Nights [Unopened] EN [ARN].
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348,000 JPY
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When an exhibit is PSA or BGS, it may use an image image from the magi app catalog image. When exhibiting one of the image surfaces, it may be a different exhibit from the actual appraisal number or a different version such as 1ed or unlimi. Please understand in advance that we are unable to receive detailed specifications.

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No noticeable scratches Befoul is found >NM>NM-

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「Arabian Nights [Unopened] EN [ARN].」 is an item listed by 水土日祝休@magi公式(コレクター). Its series is MTG and the condition is Used. It will be shipped from Japan in Refer to Item Description days after purchase.