3283 [Pokemon Cards] Pancham 4-card set

3283 [Pokemon Cards] Pancham 4-card set
3283 [Pokemon Cards] Pancham 4-card set
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100 JPY
Nice to meet you! I am Gencochi from the card store.

Thank you for taking a look at our products... ♪
Thank you for being a repeat customer ^ ^.

We have a discount for bulk purchases.

We will not sell any items with a number in the item name.
If you purchase items in bulk, please let us know by number.
In that case, we will give you 10% discount from the total amount.

      Please contact us for more information.

[Description of products
☆ Pokemon card

Pancham 4-card set

Pancham 4-card set ☆ We offer 10 yen discount for each card if you purchase in bulk.
10 yen per card no matter how many cards you buy.
Example: 10 items = 100 yen discount.
Please let us know the item number in the comments!
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Please note that this is a used item.
Please refrain from buying if you are nervous.
The condition of the item may vary depending on the individual.
Please consider it for play.

Shipping Method.
Shipping will be 1 to 2 days, or 3 to 4 days if I am busy with my day job.
3 to 4 days. Weekday shipping.

We will ship after preventing the folds from getting wet.

Other items.
★ Immediate purchase OK.

In principle, the first come, first served.
 In principle, the first one to buy will be the winner.

We are willing to negotiate a discount!
 Please let me know in the comments!
 We will do our best to meet your expectations ^ ^.

★ In the case of bulk sales, the items are already packed.
 I may not be able to check the contents of the package.
 We can only answer to the extent that we can remember.
 Please refrain from evaluating the contents.

★ Not for sale in bulk.

Thank you very much for your time.
We hope you will consider purchasing this item.

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「3283 [Pokemon Cards] Pancham 4-card set」 is an item listed by 【カードショップ】ゲンコチ. Its series is Pokemon Card and the condition is Used. It will be shipped from Japan in 1〜2 Days days after purchase.