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I received the product, the packaging, contents and delivery were all very satisfactory😁Thank you 🙇I knew I was in the right place 😆Wish you the best when purchasing again 🙇.
about 7 hours
I received the product. Thank you!
1 day
*Updated 3/13 I will be on night shift on 3/13.14 and 24hBound on 3/16. I would like to pack and ship the items in my free time as much as possible while I go to work, but I often have to sleep after a night shift... I would appreciate your understanding! (We will keep the following 3-day shipping schedule) Oripa as well as singles will be sold at the lowest guerrilla price! 👑  *I received a check mark on the blue bird's SNS 🫡✅. Please follow us! Twiler account @8wHKgfzikqByZRe I have informatio

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