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Serena and Suzuna were in the list. I knew they were both HR! Thank you very much.
15 days
I checked the items that arrived. I am very satisfied with it. Thank you very much.
27 days
Do not purchase from this seller. I was a victim of fraud. I purchased a box, but even though it was said that the inclusion rate would remain the same, it was not matched, and Lugia and SR or higher were removed from the box. I will never buy from them again.
about 1 month

This user ships within 24 hours from purchase on average

Some items are not possible, but basically the price can be reduced. Please note that we may delete the items on short notice as they are also listed on other apps. Even during the exclusive or layaway period, if someone else wants to buy it at a price as high as $100, you can do so.

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