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It arrived safely today! Thank you for the careful shipping. I am surprised that the contents are in better condition than I had imagined from the pictures! Thank you very much.
19 days
Thank you very much. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
あくたみ /Seller
20 days
I mainly deal with old Pokemon cards. Occasionally, I also show early Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon cards. I only display items that I, my brother, and my father collected in the past with permission. I do not purchase items from somewhere else. So you may find a good one once in a while. We use rubber gloves before we do the exhibit. For personal convenience, the shipping locations, Kuroneko Yamato and PUDO, are only a 20-minute drive away. There is also no Family Mart nearby. Please understand that we will mo

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